Getting Rid of Cockroaches – How To Eliminate them from Your Home

cockroach-controlCockroaches can be very disgusting in the homes, they invade each crack and crevice in the home and usually come when not expected and in worst times. Use these tips to get rid of cockroaches from your home for good. We asked season Richmond Hill pest control company for some tips.

First find out where the cockroaches are coming from; check at night because they tend to hide during the day. Find the paths they use to enter your home then seal these openings. Remember, roaches always enter homes via vents and drains so ensure your entire home is sealed. We asked cockroach controlĀ  to offer some advice on what to do with roaches once you spot them.

Kill them: Make cockroach food, usually powdered boric acid mixed with granulated sugar and white flour, the sugar will entice the roaches and the flour makes them stick while the acid will kill them, place this cockroach food in any place you feel they will go and get rid of them. The process of killing the cockroaches might take 3 cycles each lasting 2 weeks because the acid is not very toxic. In humid climates, it’s advisable to use foil trays or paper cockroach the roach foo. Other ways on How to get rid of Cockroaches in your Home include some more.

Use insecticide spray: Spray insecticides meant to kill roaches along walls, vents and cracks. But ensure you follow safety precautions.

Use cockroach baits: When you use these baits the roaches will eat the baits then take them to their nests and this will ensure that the bait will kill all the other cockroaches too.

Use roach traps: The traps will lure the roaches and trap them in with adhesive. The traps should be placed wherever you suspect to be the entrance of the roaches to your home.

Use water jars: This also traps the roaches. Place a full jar of water at the vent the roaches use to enter your home, they will get in the jar and be defeated to escape.

Apply liquid concentrate: Dilute some poison concentrate in water then wipe, spray, or mop the surfaces with it. The concentrate will ensure that you are protected from roaches’ infestation for at least 2 weeks. Here are more ways on How to get rid of Cockroaches in your Home: Use professional quality pesticides.

Use soap and water to suffocate them. Prevent re-infestation by keeping your home clean. Call a professional to help you get rid of the roaches completely.