Skin Rashes From Bed Bug Bites

Did you wake up with itchy red rashes on your body? If the answer to the question is in the affirmative, then you are more likely to be smitten by bed bug. Bed bugs have been feeding on human blood since a thousand years leaving behind itch skin marks. When you are asleep at night, the bug pierces the proboscis into the skin and sucks the blood by injecting saliva with 2 hollow feeding tubes. You will start feeling the pain and irritation after some time because of the anaesthetic in the saliva of the bug. According to Bed Bug Exterminator Mississauga, the skin rashes from bed bug bites are a horror to look at and when you scratch on the affected area continuously, the skin becomes swollen with red line marks. Continue reading Skin Rashes From Bed Bug Bites

Removing Bed Bugs

bed_bugsBed bugs have become a serious problem in recent years. More and more home owners in urban centers such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal needed to deal with a bed bug infestation. We get questions about how to get rid of bed bugs all the time. Here are some simple tips on how to deal with a small infestation. It is advised that you get help from a licensed pest control technician. To get the best information about bed bugs we consulted a pest control technician from bed bug control Toronto services. He gave us some great tips which we are presenting to you here.

There are many solutions on the market today, with sprays being one of the most popular ones. Regardless of which one you choose to purchase you will need to be very careful and read the directions to be sure they have been safe for you as well as your pets. If the spray instructions advocate utilization in a well-ventilated place, believe it and follow the instructions. This really is, in the end, a pesticide. You might be instructed, nevertheless, after you spray it to close up the area. Be sure before you go back to the area to wait the allotted time. You might not have the ability to sleep in there in just a particular number of hours. Continue reading Removing Bed Bugs